Category: Headaches

How to fix URL problem on Windows hosting with Godaddy

Here is another tidbit that made me lose some sleep over the past few days. Well, not actually sleep, but a few good hours pulling my hairs and another hour on the phone with the Godaddy support. I have to admit that they are quite polite and nice to talk to.

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Adding PayPal donate button to ASP.NET page, the easy way

I’ve been looking all over the Internets for a simple straightforward way of adding a donate button to my ASP.NET page but all I could find were bloated plugins or simple GET forms. Since I had quite a huge parameter called “encrypted” in my PayPal button generated code, sending it in the URL might not …

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Toyota’s whining noise from the AUX port

Well, after a couple of years of enduring a very annoying background noise when using my MP3 player in the car, I decided to take action. Hoping that this will help other Toyota owners who experience the same thing, here’s my experience. Doing some research on the Internet turned out that quite a large amount …

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