Jan 22

How to fix URL problem on Windows hosting with Godaddy

Here is another tidbit that made me lose some sleep over the past few days. Well, not actually sleep, but a few good hours pulling my hairs and another hour on the phone with the Godaddy support. I have to admit that they are quite polite and nice to talk to.

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Jan 12

Canadian cross-border shopping or “Amazon Canada, get off your high horse and face the facts!”

Like many Canadians I was quite happy a while back when Amazon decided to amp up the canuck version of their store. Imagine that: all the US goodies, well, almost all, now available to Canadians too. And by goodies I’m not only talking about products, but also deals and general prices, not to mention great customer service.
Needless to say that my disappointment is currently reaching new heights, growing from monumental to cosmic proportions. I know, that’s harsh, but it actually matches my initial excitement.I have to say that I am doing a lot of shopping online and mainly on Amazon.com. As mentioned before, great deals and lots of goodies. People were asking me, “Yeah, but what about shipping, taxes, duties, etc? All those defy the simplicity of online shopping.”. Well, NO, they don’t. I will talk about each one later.

Let’s take a quick look at some basic products that we can find in both Amazon stores: Canadian and US. One more thing I need to mention here: I am comparing items in the “TODAY’S DEALS” on Amazon.ca to items regularly priced on Amazon.com.

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Jul 26

Adding PayPal donate button to ASP.NET page, the easy way

I’ve been looking all over the Internets for a simple straightforward way of adding a donate button to my ASP.NET page but all I could find were bloated plugins or simple GET forms. Since I had quite a huge parameter called “encrypted” in my PayPal button generated code, sending it in the URL might not be such a good idea, as many browsers are limited in that area. In my case the “encrypted” value was around 2500 bytes.

I also considered that PayPal might have a good reason to need the form sent via POST so I finally decided to build the form dynamically in JavaScript.


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