Super easy way to DIY a grocery bag hook for the trunk of Tesla Model 3


have been a little bit baffled as to why Tesla did not add a few hooks in the trunk of the Model 3 especially being considered a mass market car for the … well … masses. Last time I checked, these people tend to go shopping quite often, you know? But, not to worry, every overlooked feature by Tesla is a world of opportunities for the DIY community. So here’s one that surprised even myself how easy it was.

Here are two options that I tried and worked like a charm for adding a trunk hook in the Model 3.

Option 1

As with many DIY projects, Home Depot is your best friend, and if you don’t have one close by, any home improvement store should have good alternatives to the items used here like Lowe’s or HomeBase.

The first thing I tried were these hooks, found in the hardware isle. They’re called 20 lb. 1/2 in. Steel Mirror Support Hangers made by OOK and they sell for about $1,97

All it took was a bit of muscle to bend the hook at 90 degrees. I did it with the help of a vice, but two sets of pliers will do the job easily. Here’s a before and after picture:

With that done, all you need is an M6 nut and that’s it. In the trunk there are a few bolts that you can use to fasten this. In my case, the most convenient was the one on the right side as you open the trunk since it’s the closest.

The hook is quite strong and can take the weight of a few full grocery bags without any problems.

Option 2

For the second option, I found these 90 degree corners in the same hardware section. They are called Corner Braces and usually retail for about $2.

What I liked about specifically these ones (pics below) is that they have rounded edges so there is less chance for scratches.

For these ones, you may need to drill a larger hole, around 7-8 mm (5/16 inch), in one of the sides in order to fit the M6 bolt. Once that is done, you have various options for the hook itself. Here are the two I tried:

Both worked like a charm. Here is the carabiner in action:

Hopefully this will add a bit of functionality to the trunk of you Model 3. I would love to hear about other affordable simple DIYs for this issue in the comments below!


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