Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Center Console

I am one of the many Tesla customers that think the piano black finish was not the best idea for the center console finish. Not only it’s absolutely unforgiving to fingerprints, but it can also scratch quite easily.

One of the more popular solutions to this is sold by Abstract Ocean in the form of Center Console Vinyl Wrap with various finishes. Currently they sell it for $39.99 but of course, that’s subject to change.

Having a soft spot for carbon fiber, it was an easy choice for me. In terms of installation, Abstract Ocean ranks this as a moderate difficulty install. For me it was a “Easy” by far, but I can understand why they may advertise caution since you’re dealing with sticky stuff that you can’t easily replace if you’re not careful.

In this picture I had already detached the cup holder panel piece.

What helped me a lot was the transfer tape included with the cup holder panel piece. I ended up using that piece of tape for all three big panels, so my advice, after taking it off, don’t throw it away, stick it to the next piece.

Here is the first panel finished:

Watching Abstract Ocean’s tutorial video helped to see where the edges of the vinyl piece should be located since it’s usually a bit difficult to gauge the sizes and how much material to leave beyond the panel edge.

Top panel was next. Even though Abstract Ocean suggests to get your head behind the panel (not sure how that would work) for a better view, what worked for me was to lower the seat all the way down and look below the screen. You can easily get the full panel in view.

Notice in the lower part of the picture the piano black finish of the charger panel. Yes, it’s that bad…

And finally, the middle panel:

In the package, they will also include as a bonus, a small piece for the small plastic bit bellow the chargers.

Couldn’t leave that one unwrapped. For this one, I realized that it would be quite easy to start by aligning the vinyl on the back side of the plastic trim piece and then wrap around the edge. That worked like a charm.

And here is the final result. Well, almost final. I also had to add the cherry on top.

Also from Abstract Ocean I got the red Tesla Logo. I think it looks quite nice on the center console. This one also comes with transfer tape which is vital to keep the three lines properly aligned and spaced. Here’s how I aligned it perfectly within the panel. Painter’s tape to the rescue. I marked on the sides the height I wanted for the top line of the logo as measured from the bottom of the panel.

Then added a horizontal line of tape.

After measuring the center of the panel and offsetting the size of the red lines on the logo, came up with the perfect position. Using the transfer tape to position the logo, I placed it exactly between the two small marks and aligned with the green tape.

I always loved the red on carbon fiber.


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