May 11

Tesla Model 3 wrapped in Stealth XPEL Paint Protection Film

Well, it finally happened. This was on the cards from the day I got the car. Being quite particular about paint defects, scratches, dents and chips, I wanted the peace of mind that comes with a good paint protection film. Since it’s not cheap I took my time to figure out which brand to use and also to find a good shop that can do the work.

It seemed that XPEL is not only the most recommended but comes with a good 7 year warranty. The shop was very helpful to give me enough information to make the final decision. In my case I wanted to go for the matte look which implied a bit more meticulous work as the film now needs to be wrapped around the edges as opposed to regular glossy PPF which is ok to end before the edge of a panel.

After a few days in the shop, the result looks stunning. There were still a few water bubbles under the film but they go away in a few days due to the film being porous and built with the water release in mind.

Here are the pictures

Now the question is, do I want these back?

As a quick note, the open port in the front bumper is the tow hook mounting point. That’s where my license plate goes but since I had planned a ceramic coating immediately after taking the pictures, I didn’t want to have to mount the plate and then take it off again.

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