Toyota’s whining noise from the AUX port

Well, after a couple of years of enduring a very annoying background noise when using my MP3 player in the car, I decided to take action. Hoping that this will help other Toyota owners who experience the same thing, here’s my experience.

Doing some research on the Internet turned out that quite a large amount of people complain about this issue. Whining noise that syncs to the engine revs when using the AUX port for music. It appears that not only Toyota is plagued by this annoyance but also other car makers.

Owning an ’07 Camry, I finally managed to come across the following TSB  from Toyota: T-SB-0067-08 from 5/21/08. It includes only ’06, ’07 and ’08 models of Camry, Solara, 4Runner, Prius, Cruiser and RAV4. I can only assume that the parts are almost the same for different models with differences in the wires and connectors.

Unfortunately, since the warranty expired on my car, I went to the dealer knowing that I will have to pay for fixing this issue even though it was a factory problem.

The next shock was the quote: around $200 (parts and workmanship). I have to admit I did not expect that. That’s when I took matters in my own hands so after some more research on the problem, I found this baby: Kensington Noise Filter. Got it for 13 bucks and I have to say, works wonders. When using it, the background noise is completely gone. Even turning the volume all the way up with no music, will not produce any distinguishable noise. It also fits nicely in the aux compartment.

I am sure there are other good filters out there, but since this worked flawlessly for me, I didn’t have to try them.

So there you have it: you can either go to the car dealer armed with the TSB, you could also acquire the parts and install the filter yourself or simply get the $13 filter which works like a charm.

Good luck!


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  1. i too tried to get toyota to fix my 2009 sienna armed with the TSB, but they wouldn’t. i got a filter as well.

    • Jeremy on December 14, 2018 at 2:35 pm
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    Would this issue eventually cause the radio and CD player to stop working?? Thanks!

    1. I seriously doubt that

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